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We design everything from MVPs to full-scale products, and as startup founders ourselves, we have the experience to help bring those designs to fruition—whether it’s raising seed funding, prototyping, or getting into accelerator programs

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Design is everywhere, from that door bell you press so hard last week to the lovely the smartphone you are holding, it’s design!

So, what do you think we do? We’ve been telling people at party the shortest version is we humanize technology

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Beside happily crafting pixel for our clients, we are also write publication.
Sharing is one of our way to keep ourself humble and stay foolish, always learning and exploring

“Rapid Prototyping” in Digital Product Design

“Rapid Prototyping” in Digital Product Design Dalam produk development kita sering mendengar istilah inovasi produk dan kita selalu memiliki keinginan untuk membuat sebuah inovasi ...
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Pros and Cons in design tools

I’ve never been a fanboy to one specific design  tool. I just use whatever it needs. Until a couple of my friends repeatedly ask me what design tool I use to design UI. And I was like, “bruh, please!” ...
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Dear Designer, We’re just Human

Dear Designer, We’re just Human. — Sincerely, Engineer ...
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